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Dancercise Kids® Curriculum

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Are you…

  • Feeling stuck trying to create an exciting curriculum?

  • Spending too much time preparing for preschool classes?

  • Finding yourself doing the same boring songs and activities week after week?

  • Needing something FUN for Both Boys and Girls?

  • Searching for a curriculum that is academically supported by child care centers and preschools?

  • Struggling to train teachers for your preschool dance program?

  • Having trouble finding a curriculum that is replicable?

  • In need of more enrollment and profit in your studio or gym?


  • Done for you, lesson plans that keep kids engaged.

  • Extra time in your week for teaching, instead of prepping.

  • A variety of rotating activities and choreography with original music.

  • Gender neutral music & movement that gets everyone excited to come every week.

  • Schools and child care centers supporting your amazing academic curriculum.

  • Easily training teachers to instruct your preschool dance classes.

  • Being able to replicate those classes and grow your preschool program.

  • Seeing your enrollment and profit grow in your studio or gym.

You’ll Learn How to…

A breakdown of exactly how to teach and present Dancercise Kids®


Class Management Techniques for ages 2-8 yrs


How to sell Dancercise Kids® classes to build your program and profit



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I chose to license the Dancercise Kids® curriculum for my dance studio because I wanted to create a solid program for my new students, ages 2-5. The curriculum allowed me to have a class that held the attention of a 2 year old and was engaging enough to teach their 5 year old sibling. My parents loved the academic and age appropriate curriculum that taught their child life lessons and sign language too. My Dancercise Kids® classes quickly became my most profitable program and great feeder classes for my older program. The videos and written curriculum were easy to learn from, I only had to spend about 20 minutes to prep for a whole month of multiple classes. Once I grew and hired additional teachers, they were easily trained by the videos as well. Best of all was the support I received from Tessa and her team if I ever had any questions.

Anna Argint

Former Dance Studio Owner and Licensee

I love that there’s a set framework for me to work within that’s easy to access whenever I need it I find the music so catchy that it plays in my head all the time which is nice for the kids for remembering our dances too! Plus each song has a sort of lesson to it so the kids are singing about useful fun things!
Tessa has helped me understand that some days are a little rougher than others and sometimes dance class doesn’t go as smoothly as anticipated. But that’s okay! We do our best and keep dancing on I love getting to have such unique experiences every single week! The kids are all such characters and it’s such a joy getting to know each and every one! My students come into class singing the songs they like them so much! They do very well with the sign language and the lesson plans stimulate their little curious brains into asking more questions. Its exciting to see I love that my schedule hasn’t ever felt over-encumbering and the early morning classes are great because I’m up early and I get to enjoy every last bit of my day!


Current Dancercise Kids® Teacher

Having the lesson plans done helps me prepare and get to know the students. I have time to learn about the kids instead of putting time into lesson planning.
I love how multiple singing voices are used in the music. Even I have learned new information from the songs. Kids learn quickly through music and it helps them retain the information.
Tessa is the hardest-working person I know. She is very organized, which makes everything easier and more comfortable for the teachers.
It’s impressive watching the kids learn so quickly.
My students love the music and sign language; using their body to act out the songs. They can really express themselves.
I have multiple other commitments and I am able to work around my schedule.


Current Dancercise Kids® Teacher


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The Dancercise Kids® Curriculum is designed for dance and fitness teachers who enjoy working with young children.

It includes everything needed to educate and engage students ages 2 to 8 years old. The curriculum rotates monthly with 3 years worth of comprehensive lesson plans, laid out in monthly quarters that focus on early childhood development.

Each exciting month includes choreography and exercises focusing on: Warm-up, Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Creative Movement, and Tumbling.

In addition, the curriculum includes the use of Sign Language to engage fine motor skills and communication development.

How does it work?

Once you log in, you’ll get instant access to …

  • This month and next month’s curriculum.
  • Self-paced courses on class presentation, class management, and a selling guide.
  • After you complete the courses and sign the licensing agreement, you will get access and permission to use the Dancercise Kids® Logo.
  • Monthly newsletters will arrive by email.


Having the choreography and lesson plans done for me is less time consuming. You just need to learn the dances. Now that I’ve done them for 3 years, I already know the dances and I can just go and teach.
The music is all original and new to the children. It’s relevant to the kids and what they might be learning about in school.
Tessa has been a really good leader at meetings. She gives us advice about how she does the dances and what props she might bring. She makes the curriculum as fun as possible!
What do I like most about being a Dancercise® Teacher? The kids! And I love how the schedule can be flexible.
My students love the curriculum! It’s new and exciting. They learn it quickly and love singing along.


Current Dancercise Kids® Teacher

I have worked with the Dancercise® program for the past 5 years. I love how the songs not only teach dance steps, but life lessons surrounding kindness and responsibility. Tessa, the director, has been wonderful to work for as she truly values her teachers! The communication between Tessa and the teachers, and the students/parents is timely and informative. The kids love Dancercise® as they get to participate right at their pre-school, and parents don’t need to drive yet one more place after school. Having the lesson plans done and ready for me to teach allows me to more greatly impact my students. Instead of planning lessons, I can spend time learning about the students and tailoring to their needs.


Current Dancercise Kids® Teacher

The Dancercise Kids® curriculum couldn’t be more fun! I get to go to work everyday and see the little ones learning while having fun AND getting exercise. The music is so catchy and each song tells a story. Tessa really has put together an amazing curriculum!


Current Dancercise Kids® Teacher

Tessa’s passion and enthusiasm for Dancercise Kids® is instantly absorbed by her team and then trickles down to all the dancers. As a dance teacher I love that the curriculum changes every month, keeping the kids engaged and excited for each class!


Current Dancercise Kids® Teacher

Working for Dancercise Kids® has allowed me to meet so many fabulous new co-workers and has taught me very important responsibilities in how to interact with children. Seeing the kids is a great and energetic start to my morning, and best of all, we get to dance! This is not your typical job, and it really has given me a sense of community and has allowed me to meet new people as well.
The curriculum is fun and lighthearted – perfect for kids. I absolutely love seeing the kids faces light up when they hear their favorite Dancercise® song, and every so often I get some of them stuck in my head as well!




Current Dancercise Kids® Teacher

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Dancercise Kids® Curriculum

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